Our cloud services and solutions offering cover a Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud workloads.

AppServe was born in the cloud, meaning we have not evolved from your traditional IT or Managed Services shop. We have offered cloud services since 2007 and have delivered many successful business transformation projects and aligned services across this period. With a proven, risk management approach to cloud service migration, we have countless successful migrations under our belt. We are ready, willing and able to assist your business’s move to the cloud.

Managed and Private Cloud Services

Through our infrastructure stacks located in Brisbane and Sydney, AppServe deliver a number of Private Cloud solutions to 1000s of customers. This stack can provide Active/ Active and Active/ Passive solutions for various workloads. Uses cases include:

  • Private Cloud Infrastructure and Platform as a Service – That require dedicated workloads for Sovereignty or privacy reasons;
  • Complete Turn-key Private Cloud Platforms – Include complete management from the Infrastructure stack through to the Application Layer, backups and traditional IT/ technical support operations through our 24/ 7 Service Desk;
  • Customised Infrastructure designed and built to meet specific uptime or resiliency requirements;
    Bespoke deployment of solutions that are not yet cloud enabled and require a more traditional client/ server approach;
  • Disaster Recovery sites – Providing options for Hot, Warm and Cold Site solutions to meet your recovery targets and your budget;

Customised – Hybrid and Private Cloud Solutions

We know your technology platforms are crucial to your business, but so to are the people that stand behind those systems. With the AppServe teams, you have a trusted team of professionals at your disposal to ensure you get the most from your cloud platform investment.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. If you need to talk with someone in relation to an issue with the platform or the software, the AppServe team is available for you.

We have comprehensive knowledge and experience – we know what’s installed and how each component is set up. Rely on our certified team of expert professionals to deliver your business cloud requirements.

These solutions and services are provided from our Private Data centres within Brisbane and Sydney. These stacks are completely controlled by AppServe from Layer 2 up (Layer 1 is the datacentre).

Our Hybrid and Private Cloud solutions give you the advantages of installed software and tools with migration of your existing data and 24/7 support built-in, keeping you at the leading edge of technology at no additional cost.

We provide a turnkey solution to the whole cloud puzzle, making your productivity applications available anywhere, anytime. Cloud Security solutions are deliver as part of our managed services to ensure your data remains safe and available, including:

  • Intrusion Detection Software, Threat Analysis and Ransomware Detection Services (Detecting emerging threats across your environment; Responding quickly to incidents and conducting thorough investigations; Measuring, managing, and reporting on compliance (PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and more)).
  • Optional Email Security Gateway, filtering your emails with Anti-Malware and Anti-Spam technology.
  • End-Point Anti-virus and Intrusion Prevention technology, delivering powerful multi-layered protection against known, unknown and advanced threats through an integrated security platform.
  • Privileged Account Management and Secure Password Management Controls, providing you with secure access control, auditing, alerting and recording for any privileged accounts.

Services provided out of Private Cloud stack include Multi-path carriers, DR and Backup inclusions and can be architected within an Active/ Active deployment. Speak to one of our specialists today

Fully Managed Hosting and Cloud Solutions

Our Fully Managed Hosting Solutions, provide a complete turn-key solution with a team of experts available to ensure that your solutions are available when you need them most.

Our single tenant solutions with dedicated resources (and associated SLAs) are perfect for your Mission critical workloads.

Get the most value from your IT, leave the operational and lights-on activities to us. Focus your internal IT skills on value add and strategic services. With solutions and support plans to suit your business and budget, AppServe are your trusted partner for your Cloud and overall IT operations.

Public Cloud Consulting and Management Services

Services include:

  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Security
  • Migration
  • Stabilisation
  • Ongoing management

Supported Public Cloud platform capabilities include:

  • IBM Softlayer and Bluemix
  • Azure
  • AWS

Productivity Solutions

Productivity solutions make it easier for teams to connect, communicate and collaborate. AppServe offer a number of industry-leading email hosting and cloud productivity solutions.

Services include:

  • Hosted Exchange
  • Hosted Zimbra Solutions
  • O365

AppServe provides a number of services including planning, deployment, migration and ongoing management. Talk to us about the solution that’s right for your business.

Add extra security with our Email Security Gateway service.

Private and Public Cloud Website related Services

Supported Public Cloud platform capabilities include:

  • Domain Name registration (including transfers and ongoing maintenance)
  • Web site Hosting
  • Content Delivery Network setup and maintenance (such as AWS CDN and Cloudflare)
  • DNS Security

Backup Services

Backup Services (including Backup as a Service and DR solutions) from vendors including Veeam and ArcServe

Key Features

  • Incremental – Once we have the first backup, the remainder of backups are incremental, decreasing backup times and overall storage requirements;
  • Flexible Retention Policies – We can tailor the retention policies to meet your business Disaster Recovery, Backup and archival requirements
  • Block Level compression and de-duplication – These technologies can reduce your backup footprints 20x, reducing the total storage costs;
  • Flexible Recovery Time Objectives – We can tailor solutions to meet the most stringent RTOs with Hybrid solution utilising On-Premises appliances and Cloud technologies;

CLOUD Security Solutions

Identity as a Service Platform (IaaS) – Options include Public Cloud Hosted, Private Cloud deployments and On-premises solutions based upon workload and use case requirements,