AppServe offer a number of website hosting options covering all possible website requirements. Whether you have a single page for your small business, a WordPress site or blog, a complex, resource hungry CRM solution for your sales team, or an online portal for your clients, AppServe can deliver a website hosting solution that will offer you the outstanding performance and an affordable price point.

All of our products are covered by a number of cyber security solutions that work together to provide monitoring, protection and encryption for your websites and web software. Our cPanel website hosting accounts include free SSL certificates to ensure the integrity and privacy of your website data and provide assurance to your users and clients that any information they enter into your site is encrypted and safe. We also offer single name and wildcard SSL certificates for any other services, including DV and EV options.

Website Hosting – cPanel

For the majority of websites, and especially those built on WordPress, AppServe are proud to deliver CPanel, the industry standard web hosting management tool. CPanel is easy to use, with a feature rich standardised interface. CPanel offers easy access to the tools you need such as FTP, email, popular software installation and self managed backups. Additionally, AppServe’s website hosting solutions are based in Australia, with Australian support. cPanel hosting plans come in 4 standard packages, however a completely custom, tailor made package can be created to meet the requirements of any site:

  • Industry Standard
  • Easy to Use
  • Feature Rich
  • Australian Based
  • 4 Standard plans
  • + Custom plan options

Website Hosting – Dedicated/LAMP

For those requiring a more flexible and powerful platform to host their web solutions, AppServe offer (Australian hosted) Dedicated LAMP instances, utilising the operating system of your choice. These servers are either Windows servers running IIS and Microsoft SQL or Linux (RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu) web servers which can run any popular website technologies such as Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB, Tomcat etc. These solutions are offered either as a self-managed bare metal system, or as a managed service with employees and developers provided with as much or as little access as desired.

AppServe offer full file system and bare-metal backups, including DB backup solutions to ensure your data is always safe.

  • Flexible and Powerful
  • Operating System of Your Choice
  • Windows Servers – running IIS and Microsoft OR
  • Linux – running Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB, Tomcat etc.
  • Managed or Un-Managed solutions

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are core to securing sensitive information in transit from a website or other web service across the internet to the end user. SSL is a simple and secure channel used to transmit data securely. It is invaluable to both customers and businesses considering the level of security it brings to ever increasing cloud-based transactions.

  • SSL Certificates secure the transfer of data across the internet;
  • An SSL Certificate provides SEO Benefits – SSL secured websites are one of the many factors used by Google when calculating your website ranking within search results.
  • SSL Certificates increase users’ trust and confidence – Add credibility and confidence to your website and overall business.
  • Reducing the Attack Surface – You are joining with other likeminded businesses to reduce the overall attack surface for hackers! Hackers are constantly using phishing methods to capture end user details.

AppServe offer a number of SSL options from leading vendors (including RapidSSL, GeoTrust, VeriSign, Thawte and Digicert). If your website or cloud workload isn’t secured or you would like to review your current SSL infrastructure get in touch with us. We’d be happy to have a confidential conversation with you and your team today!

A phishing site is an almost perfect replica of an original, authentic site and have use a number of techniques to lure users into providing sensitive information (for later malicious use). By using extended SSL certificates organisations ensure that their identity is confirmed (green bar in the browser anyone?)

…” The number of phishing attacks rose by 27.5% to reach over 137 million in Q3 2018”…

Credit: Kaspersky Lab

Domain and DNS hosting

AppServe provide a number of Domain and DNS hosting services to meet any budget. Our services range from basic hosting which basic features (Self Service) through to completely managed solutions that include CDN, DDOS and Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities.

AppServe can register (almost) any domain name, with prices starting from $25/annum (ex GST). Domain name services come with free support and free DNS hosting. Can assist in setting up a website and online presence for a business from scratch.

Through our management services our customers no long need to worry about Domain management, renewal or security monitoring. We can tailor Domain and DNS hosting solutions to meet your compliance and regulatory, budget, service and uptime requirements.