Understanding your current workloads and applications and re-defining business up time, availability and disaster recovery expectations are critical to any cloud journey. Such understanding and visibility, forms the core building block for any business’s digital transformation initiatives.

Through-out this phase, AppServe work with clients to discover and audit their workload requirements, applications, services, data sources, network, security, disaster recovery and compliance requirements. A number of techniques are used to understand your business including automated discovery and audit tools as well as technology and process workshops.

The visibility and outcomes gained through-out this phase are used by businesses to confirm alignment with overall business direction and strategy, identify (and in later stages, mitigate) risks and ensure the remainder of the cloud or digital transformation journey commences with a clear understanding of the current state of play.

Audit activities need not be onerous and time consuming.

For small businesses, there are often a number of core tools and applications required to keep a business running. It should be relatively straight-froward for a business to determine these. AppServe can assist with these discovery activities and also assist in understanding the current up-time, availability and disaster requirements (which may not have been given too much consideration).

For mid market businesses audit and discovery activities will become more involved. As such, AppServe provide consulting services to assist customers through the Discovery and Audit phases of their cloud journey.